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Monday, November 12th, 2012 12:10 pm
So my Ops manager calls me at 8:38 in the GODDAMN MORNING and leaves me a nasty message about me not calling them back yesterday to confirm that I got my schedule, so I need to call her back right away. I listen to this after a rough bout on the john, so I'm already cranky. I call her back, and tell her I never got a phone call or a text from anyone yesterday. I PROACTIVELY called of my own volition and got my schedule (that should've been posted on FUCKING FRIDAY) from one of the other managers yesterday. She continues to insist that one of the other managers left me a message and texted me and even asks me if I changed my phone number, like it couldn't possibly be one of them that dialed a wrong number or that I'm trying to get out of something. I told her I knew I was supposed to come in at four, and she was all smiles from there. I'm still pissed off. Sorry.

Bitch was acting like I'm dodging her or trying to be a pain in the ass when SHE'S the one who can't put out a schedule until the day before the new work week starts. Excuse me?! I'm so fucking SICK of my store's bullshit I could scream. And I work six days this week. I'm so thrilled. I applied at Publix yesterday. I got a call a couple hours after from the Daniel Island store asking if they were too far away to interest me. I told them I applied at the North Charleston store because it was closer. So great that they obviously think I'm hire-able, but it makes me doubt I'll hear from them again. I mean, if the location I was interested in were hiring, they'd have called me, too, right? I think so. So back to applying everywhere and hoping I get something less shitty than where I am now. Yeah, right.

So of course after all this mess I decide to read fuckyeahretailrobin. Great idea. I come across this post and am shocked by the response from one of the commenters. The OP was posting about calling in sick, including details about her depression, and the backlash she received. The commenter is a manager in retail, and her opinion based on her response is that people fake calling out sick to inconvenience stores and that depression is just an excuse for someone who's really just unreliable and a downer and should quit whining and suck it up or don't work retail.

Let me take a moment to address said commenter. Ahem. WHERE THE FUCK DID YOUR EMPATHY GO TO DIE? Depression is not a joke. People are not robots. We are not made to check our humanity at the door when we clock in and just stand there and take whatever shit customers and even co-workers decide to throw at us with a smile on our face. Working retail sucks the joy out of life. It makes you hate people. I used to be positive. I used to like people. I used to like my job. I don't know that version of me, anymore. She's dead. People like YOU killed her. It takes a special kind of person to work in customer service of any kind and not come out jaded or bitter. I've only met a handful in my nearly twelve years of retail. Most of my fellow co-workers are just like me. We wear masks to make customers think that we exist to cater to their every whim and to make managers like you think that we love our jobs. Here's a wake-up call for you, you heartless bitch. We CAN'T AFFORD TO NOT WORK RETAIL! Not everyone has endless options. In a little place I like to call reality, not everyone has lots of opportunities to work at a job that makes them happy. We take what we can get to put a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and clothes on our backs. It's called SURVIVING. It's not even really living, and it's killing us inside. So thanks for implying that this poor retail robin is just lazy and making excuses to make life more difficult for higher ups. I hope you never know what it feels like to be so beaten down that you can't function because IT SUCKS.

Okay, rant over. But I'm pretty sure my day is ruined, and I haven't even gone to work yet. AWESOME.


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