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September 3rd, 2012

icicleinspring: (kestrel)
Monday, September 3rd, 2012 08:43 pm
I was reading the customers_suck community on LJ and got all bent out of shape by something that I probably shouldn't have, but..FEELINGS, yanno? A cashier for one of the evil box empires was complaining about people putting money on her moving conveyor belt (which also annoys the shit out of me), and someone in the comments mentions that some people do it to avoid coming into physical contact with the cashier. In the commenter's example it was a Muslim man who wished to avoid touching a female cashier for religious reasons. I'm going to go against the grain here, and I realize that I'm being intolerant. I want to make that clear right off the bat. Now. I don't give a shit about your UPTIGHT, unreasonable, ridiculous religious edict against your precious skin MAYBE brushing mine for a split second while exchanging currency. I am not DIRTY. I am not DISEASED. I am not UNWORTHY. I am not LESS THAN. It is not okay for someone to do something so stupid (not to mention RUDE) to avoid even the possibility of skimming skin. If it's such a big deal to you..wear gloves. Don't go out in public. I don't know what else, but don't treat service people badly because you have some kind of social hang-up. It's NOT OKAY.

*deep breath* Okay. That's over. Um, haven't updated in a while. Our lease is up at the end of October, and we're not staying at our current complex. They upped the rent another $78 bucks, so with water we'd be paying $900 for our unit. Not gonna happen. Castlehood turned us down with a bullshit reason, but other than missing how much it would've saved us, no great loss there. Current complex are being a bunch of assholes, refusing to give other complexes our rental history with them until we give them a solid answer on our lease renewal. So..I was basically forced to tell them we're vacating and refuse the renewal before I can apply to other places. Good to know. Hopefully we get into the one we really like. I'm expecting a phone call any day now.

Other news, Kisa-brat has seasonal allergies, and I'm having to use medicated lotion on her patchy fur. She's also on Benadryl. I HATE allergies. Pain in my butt, and now pain in my furrbutt. Poor kitty. Vin's fine. Her usual crazy calico self. My bettas Tetsuya and Keneda died. I was sad, but I have since replaced them with a red half-moon named Sly and a generic blue named Fortis. Sly is a con artist. I've seen him unmoving at the bottom of the tank twice now and thought him dead, only to have him darting around begging for food at the top of the tank the next morning. Fortis is the more social of the two. He occasionally hides in his house, but if someone approaches the tank, he usually comes out and follows you back and forth.

Erm, I've read a lot lately. Currently working on Kushiel's Dart again, Feast for Crows for the first time, and Dragonsinger again. Probably won't reread all of Kushiel's Legacy right now, though. I just finished the first book of the Repairman Jack series by F. Paul Wilson, and I think I'm going to like the rest. Husband has to dig out more for me. I've been bad about convincing myself to catalog and pack up my books, but I need to get a move on with it. I want it done before we really have to start sorting stuff and packing up to move. I like to get an early start so we're not cramming everything into boxes at the last minute. Nothing else to add at the moment.