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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 03:31 am
I've been addicted to WoW since I started playing, and I've nearly got my first toon to level 85. Yay, me! She is a night elf hunter, and I love the class in particular. I have way too many hunters. I've also enjoyed my druid, although I only have her up to 27. It's nice to have a game everyone in the group (except for my husband, the party-pooper) can play together. The next thing on my agenda is to camp all the lovely pets I want. Haha. Anyway, that takes up most of my free alone time, but I'm still reading a lot, too. Just finished The Marketplace, which was only okay. I liked Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy much better. Eehehe. *cough*

Moving on. Romex had to have surgery last week, but he's doing as well as can be expected. Hopefully they'll be home this week. Maybe more chemo, but it looks like they got all the badness out. He and Jana have been constantly in my thoughts and in my heart lately, and I hope they know how very much they mean to all of us. I'm taking care of their furries while they're gone. It's been no problem at all getting back and forth, just very hot during the day in the car. Ugh. Hopefully I can trade Dad for the Taurus next week just to get me through the rest of the hot weather.

On a personal note, work sucks. We're finally getting new people, which is good, but inventory is this week. That always makes everyone stressed and mean, and customers have been really shitty lately on top of that. Just needy, angry people. I hate being surrounded by all that. So I've been stressed out and short-tempered there, and it's really hard to fake nice. My mood today was just shot. I had a headache and barely got through the day. Took tomorrow off to give myself some breathing room. The wonderful newbie Adam in Petcare took my shift for me. I cross-trained him on the register myself, and he's very quick on the uptake and a good worker in general. It's so rare that they hire someone competent anymore.

Oh! My husband is the best EVER. He's taking me to see Tori on November 29th as an early birthday present. We're going to her show in Atlanta. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! She's the one person I've always wanted to see live. She's obviously my favorite musician, so no surprise there. That's the one good thing I can think of at the moment. Now I'd better go to bed. TTFN.