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Monday, September 5th, 2011 08:55 pm
I went to my godson's birthday party on Sunday. He actually turned two August 29th, but the weekend is more convenient to celebrate. He got lots of stuff, but his favorite by far was a little drum you could hang around your neck. He banged the shit outta that thing forever. Poor Jobby. They now have to listen to this music whenever he gets his hands on the thing. You guys have my sympathy. I would like to note that my contribution makes no noise whatsoever. Haha. I got him a stuffed monkey because he likes the stuffed polar bear I sleep with.

In other news, work still sucks. Volume has increased dramatically, but our allotted payroll hours for the store are down for September. Makes total sense, right? *eyeroll* Nothing new to bitch about there, really, so we'll move on.

We got our tickets to Tori Amos' concert in November, and Husband booked us a hotel. Yay! I'm so excited about going. I can't wait. The new album drops September 20th, and I can't wait for that, either! I've been enjoying WoW still. I've leveled a warlock to 20, but my druid is still stuck at 27. I also made a mage, but I find myself easily bored after so long at leveling. Now that Elithi is 85 and has flying, it's so difficult to go back to toons without it. And I love my hunters. Heh. I've really enjoyed doing dungeons with our group. Maybe one day I'll have a toon besides Elithi actually leveled. Ahaha.

I'm rereading Anne Rice still. The next one to tackle is Vittorio. I just finished City of Glass and The Blue Sword. Liked City of Glass okay, but Blue Sword is still one of my favorites ever. I'm also reading Ghost Story by Jim Butcher, but I'm kind of bored with the Harry Dresden series. Meh. And I'm reading Ratha's Creature by Clare Bell about a race of sentient wild cats, one of which is banished from her clan when she steps out of her place in the hierarchy by taming fire. Pretty good read so far.

Watching Roswell on Netflix and a bunch of stuff on DVR. Trueblood is about to be over for the season, and we just finished Degrassi. Still watching America's Got Talent, but I can tell Husband's kinda over it. Well, I'm bored, so I'm going to go so something else now. TTFN.


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