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Sunday, March 18th, 2012 08:50 pm
Haven't updated in forever, so here we go. Last month, say middle of it or so I found out that idiot brother number one (the one two years my junior) is engaged, and his fiancee phoned to tell me rather than him. He didn't even have my number, and I've given it to him numerous times. Shows how connected we are, huh? Idiot brother number two (the 16 year-old) confessed that he lost his virginity and didn't even use protection. I am surrounded by morons. Found out last week he's been pretty viciously bullied at school, and I wanted to go cave some faces in at that horrible high school. I told him he could always, always call me if he needed to talk or just anything. My youngest brother has an antagonistic personality and can be a pain, but no one gets to pick on him but me. My dad had to go to the hospital this past Friday. His potassium was too high and heart rate too low. They got him evened out by taking him off his meds, adjusted them, and today he's out and feeling much better. I'm relieved, to say the least.

That's most of the significant stuff. I'm back to heavily playing WoW. We've gone from Alliance to Horde on Cenarius, and I faction-changed my hunter, dk, and druid. We made a guild, but it's mostly me, Artist A, the Evil DM, and Jermish (Evil DM's bro). Jana and Romex have a couple of friends on an RP server, and I re-rolled another hunter on there to play with them. It's fun so far. I haven't RPed in ages and ages. Other than the RP server, I'm focused on leveling my druid again. Haha.

Let's see. There's also TV. We're watching a couple of new shows, and those are Awake, Smash, Missing, and GCB. Smash and GCB are my new favorites. The other two I'm kinda meh on. Oh, I looove Walking Dead still, and The Voice is awesome mind-numbing entertainment. I'm up to 10 completed reads and working on two more. I started reading Game of Thrones, and it is very good. I'm not thrilled with the latest book in the Inheritance cycle, but I want to finish the series. Nothing else I can think of at the moment, so there we go.