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icicleinspring: (kestrel)
Saturday, June 18th, 2011 06:49 pm
We went to the zoo last Thursday with the OLG and Artist A's sister-in-law. Getting up at seven to be out the door at eight and up there by ten wasn't my favorite part, but we got there after a slight detour of going to the wrong entrance first. It was slightly frustrating to only get a couple of things done before we broke for lunch since the sis-in-law and her kids didn't join us until noonish, but oh well. Went to the big mall up there for lunch, then back to the zoo until it closed at five. Some members of the group dawdled too much, and we didn't get to see a good half of the zoo. Better planning next time, I think. After another uneventful two hours at the mall we finally got on our way to dinner at Red Robin, which some people almost didn't join us at due to it being so late (my objection to the mall). The restaurant was really good, but we didn't get home until nearly midnight. I had a long, bad day at work the following day, so I was in a horrible mood when I got home.

Theresa at work screwed up the vacation request I put in next week by just giving me Monday and Tuesday as my days off instead of putting them in as vacation and giving me another two days off during the week. I told Lori right before I left Friday to forget about using my vacation time since I didn't want to waste it by tacking it onto the end of a full week's hours. I actually want to use the time to be off, not waste it when I'm going to be working the whole week, anyway. Ugh. I'm just so pissed off thinking about it. I needed those few extra days to just chill, and now I can't put in a new request until after the week of July 4th. On a slightly better note, I'm doing better in the salon. I started off rocky and unsure of myself, but it'll probably be in my best interest to stick it out.

Nothing much to say beyond that. I'm fucking broke again because I wasn't expecting to have to pay for the zoo tickets and fill my gas tank twice in one week. I just paid the phone bill, so I only have $7 until Friday. And even then I'll still be broke because I have to pay car insurance and electricity with my next check. I feel like I'm always behind no matter how good I try to be. With the economy in the shitter and things getting more expensive, I don't know why I act so surprised. Not that I wasn't in a bad mood already with fucking WoW freezing every time I try to go anywhere in Stormwind (I can't even get it to load long enough to get Talesyn out of the stupid city), but now I'm thoroughly annoyed. More later.