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Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 09:10 pm
I haven't updated with anything of substance in a good long while, so here we go. Firstly, Husband's overtime got cut down at work. It doesn't mean we're in trouble by any means, but I've ramped up looking for another job. I got an interview at the orange home improvement store on the 13th for part-time cashier, so we'll see how that goes. Mm, work is same shit, different day. Nothing to add there.

Family woes. Youngest brother has been troublesome since last September. He started smoking weed and disappearing all hours of the day and night to get high and drink with other stupid teenagers. He got picked up by the police while drunk and high one night and had to go to court for it last month, the 22nd of January, I believe. He has to take classes akin to rehab or something. He was truant so much from school that he was expelled, and he isn't doing online school. He's now to attend classes in the evening somewhere in order to qualify to take the test for his GED. Oh, and before he even went to court one time he stole Mom's car and went joyriding with one of his idiot friends. He tried to take her car again a few weeks later, and she caught him and took her keys back before he could pull out of the driveway. Since court he's stopped going out at night. I don't know how much he still gets high and/or drunk, but I would be willing to bet it's any chance he gets. I don't trust him anymore, and I'm just frustrated my mother has to put up with his nonsense until he either does something to land himself in jail or turns 18 and she can kick his ass out. He is holding a job at a car wash now, and he gives Mom his tips and his checks to put in a savings account for him he can't touch until he's 18. I guess that's something. Whatever.

Still family-related. I have an adopted-but-not-really-adopted brother. Mom has taken in a neighborhood boy named Joe M. He's a very nice 15 year-old with a troubled home life, but he keeps his nose clean, does well in school, and plays sports. All more than can be said for my blood brother. Well, the youngest blood brother. But even the middle one was into all that mess when he was younger, so same-difference. And speaking of the middle one, he's getting married sometime in March at Cypress Gardens. Boobs McGee's managing to make an honest man out of him, after all. Though, Mom's told me something disturbing for their longevity. Jorge wants kids, and she doesn't. You can't really compromise there. If he's just holding out for her to change her mind, or they don't think it's really that big of a deal, I don't know, but they really should have a serious talk and think individually about what they're getting into. You can't change someone, and it really wouldn't be fair to expect it to happen. But what do I know, right?

My favorite present over birthday/Christmas/wedding anniversary was my Galaxy Tab II. I've already read seven or eight books on it, and I can use it to web-browse and get apps. Speaking of books, I fell short of my usual goal of fifty a year by one stinking book this past year. Bah! I'm currently reading the last Wheel of Time book and Insurgent by Virginia Roth (second book in the Divergent trilogy, quite good). I've cut down the number of TV shows I follow. I was bored with a number of them, and one got canceled right after I stopped watching it, anyway. I'm still a sucker for Glee, though. Heh.

Oh, new gaming info. I bought Guild Wars 2 at the beginning of January, and I'm currently alt-crazy. I don't have a favorite class yet, but I'm not as partial to Norns race-wise as I thought I'd be. I currently have one out of seven character slots. I think I'm partial to humans and asura, but I do love my char warrior. Anyway, I've only been on WoW the past month to talk to Artist A a couple times, and even before that I'd barely been playing. I bounced back and forth with various toons I've struggled to level, and I think I'm just a bit burned out on it atm. That said, I've suspended my account. If I start to miss it I can always renew my subscription, but I'm not paying for something I'm not playing when I'm obsessed with GW2, which is free-to-play.

This has gotten rather long. I meant to finally get around to doing my yearly tarot spread and actually post what cards I got, but I'm tired and don't feel like it. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow, but that's all for now.


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