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Sunday, January 29th, 2012 03:34 pm
New Year! Supposed to be better than last, but so far kinda meh. Kisa had to go to an eye specialist to get rid of the fleck in her eye. It was also swollen, vet thinks autoimmune is the culprit. It's better now, and the plan is to treat future flare-ups w/ eye-drops as they occur. My grandfather had staph over Christmas, but he's slowly getting better now. Romex's grandmother broke her neck and had to be in a full halo, but it's due off already, I believe. His mother also had a cancer scare, but it turned out to be something else. It was a rough year overall, and I can't believe that we're already a month into the new one. Haven't posted in awhile, but what else is new, right?

I got another toon in WoW to 85. Props to me. My DK, and I still like playing her. My druid petered out again at 60. I have vowed to level her eventually. I really like the new transmog feature, and both my 85s are now sexay bitches. Haha. I made another hunter, draenei this time. I'm so bad about that. Oo, and I have started collecting companion pets on Elithi. I'm doing pretty good, too. As we speak I'm working on getting all the Lunar Festival achievements. I wasn't crazy about some of the Winter Veil ones, so didn't do all of those. Okay, enough WoW.

I've yet to do the yearly survey, so that's next in another post. I made my goal to read 50 books again last year, and I'm currently up to 3 completed, two in progress. Our TV show line-up is ridiculous, as usual, but I'm loving a few new ones, namely The Finder and I Hate my Teenage Daughter. I think the latter might be done for, though; not enough viewers. The Voice is about to start again, and I will be tuning in. Oo, and a new show starts Feb 6th called Smash. I saw the sneak-peek of the pilot and liked it. Um, we saw Sherlock Holmes II in the theater, as well as, the American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Both were good, I liked Sherlock Holmes II better, though. I've rambled enough for now. Survey, then I'm done.