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icicleinspring: (kestrel)
Friday, April 6th, 2012 08:11 pm
I haven't been moved to post a reaction to something from another site in quite awhile, but this bullshit had me seeing red. I'll direct your attention to the part where the chick responds to the meme with, "I’d just like to take a moment to say that CASHIERS SUCK. they are the single most useless associates at big stores like walmart (where I work). Sure, cashiers are cool when someone needs to be rung out (ringed out?) and leave but what about the other 95% of the time a customer is in the store? Or when the store is dead and all the cashiers can only muster up enough brain cells to continuously clean their belt? Cashiers can suck my dick because you have no idea what a REAL 9 hour day in retail is like if all you’re doing is handing back change and receipts, bitch."

*deep breath* EXCUSE ME, CUNT, but your IGNORANCE is showing! You try taking all the fucking FLACK from customers and management while standing in one place all fucking day long, dealing with lines that never end, the phone ringing off the hook, people screaming at you about stuff you have NOTHING to do with, your relief never being on time, price tags being missing, prices being WRONG, carts overflowing with crap, people wanting double-bagging, no bag, having a re-usable bag with a questionable ODOR, being handed DAMP MONEY OUT OF SOMEONE'S BRA/PANTS/UNDERWEAR, being hit on/ranted at/preached to/sworn at and unable to get away or say anything in your own defense without being written up or losing your job, never getting a break, always being called/thought of as stupid, being treated as an automaton or slave, having things THROWN AT YOU (like credit cards, change, merchandise), being threatened for closing the doors at the end of a shift, having to clean and organize the entire front-end by yourself, being the last one besides management out the door, people on their CELL PHONES, et cetera, ad nauseum. The list goes on and on. How fucking dare you say that cashiers suck? That we don't know what a REAL 9 hour day is? You can suck my nonexistent cock, you judgmental little TWAT.

*exhale* There. That's much better. Thank you for your consideration. *curtsy*