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December 2nd, 2011

icicleinspring: (simoun)
Friday, December 2nd, 2011 06:33 pm
Update on Kisa's eye is that the vet thinks it may be an old scar from a scratch that is irritated. She gave me drops for her eye to use twice daily for ten days and told me to check the mark every five to seven days for a couple weeks to see if it changes at all. If it doesn't clear up or gets bigger we might have to see a kitty eye doctor. I'm hoping that this takes care of it. I really don't want it to be anything worse.

Sad news is that when I took Kisa to the vet Jana called and told me that later the same afternoon they were going to be taking Nibblet (her rat) in to be euthanized. Nibs, you will be missed. We all hope you're in a better place.

On the concert: Tori was absolutely amazing. The person who was sitting on my left near the aisle nearly ruined the whole thing by being a loud, obnoxious drunk during the opening act, yelling out random things like, "I love PUSSY!" Four people complained, and she and her quieter companion got booted from the show. Good riddance. Saved my first Tori concert. I was not disappointed. She is just as good live as in studio, if not better. The hotel was nice, the mall was overrated, the Cheesecake Factory was absolutely amazing. Driving in Atlanta was hell (both as a passenger in my case and driver in Husband's). I highly recommend Tori live if she's your thing. More later.